Employee Retention Tax Credit Help for Schools

Established by the Congressional CARES Act, ERC is a refundable tax credit - a grant, not a loan - that you can claim for your school. Education-based entities qualify for these grants as a result of the significant disruption that occurred in our neighborhoods and schools.

Bottom Line Concepts is a company that is trying to help schools and churches all over the country through Employee Retention Credits (ERC). Their campaign is similar to PPP (Payroll Protection Program), however, the ERC is friendlier to activate for leaders like you. The experts at Bottom Line can help you get relief from the Federal Government on a reasonable timeline and with little effort on your part. The legislation behind ERC is based on qualified wages and healthcare paid to your employees. Their assessment comes at no cost to you. If you qualify, you will then owe BLC a fee for their work, but the relief payment will come directly to you before Bottom Line receives any fees. As a valued partner, Bottom Line will:

  1. Work with you to determine whether your school qualifies for the ERC Program
  2. Calculate the maximum amount you can receive (up to $26,000 per employee)
  3. Guide you through the claiming process, from beginning to end

PACAPE can also benefit from you working with BLC! As you know, PACAPE works together as the largest and most significant coalition of Private schools in PA to advance private school interests in the Commonwealth. One of the PACAPE members (ACSIPA) is currently working with Sam Rosen and BLC to help their schools assess and obtain the benefits (if they are eligible) from the ERTC. The assessment ACSIPA is receiving from BLC is free and without risk. However, for schools that do participate and end up receiving funds, a portion of their fees owed to BLC will be given to PACAPE to help PACAPE in the work we do to advance private education in PA.

If you already had this assessed for your school and were told early on in the process that you weren't eligible, we would encourage you to connect with BLC and have them double check that information for you to be certain you aren't missing out on those benefits!

If you are interested in this opportunity, please fill out this form and one of Bottom Line’s ERC Specialists will contact you directly. Please also take a moment to email Sam Rosen (srosen10@comcast.net) to let him know you were referred to them by a PACAPE member.

If you have any questions about Bottom Line Concepts and how they are helping schools with ERCs, please reach out to us at (pacape@champion.org) for additional information.