2016 Teacher, Administrator, and Story Awards

Non-Public School Educator Recognition Program ** The application deadline has been extended to March 15! Pass this flyer out to anyone you think may be interested in nominating someone!! Event Profile: PA CAPE membership recognizes the value of effective teaching and leadership that promote proficiency in student learning, and is successful to establish a positive school culture. Educator excellence is worthy of honor and recognition. With this premise, PA CAPE has developed an annual program for the recognition of leadership excellence in outstanding classroom teachers and administrators in Pennsylvania non-public schools. Program Model: The PACAPE Program will consist of three stages: Event Announcement, Application Collection and Evaluation, and Award Recognition and Ceremony. 1. The announcement and application process will be completed online via the PACAPE website by following the Survey Monkey Link. Advertisement of the event will be through each of the PACAPE Private School Association Members. The initial program announcement and request for submissions will be announced in January and submissions will be accepted until the last day in February. Judges will be announced on February 1st and will begin judging upon appointment by the PACAPE Board.
2. The evaluation process will be done electronically, by each PACAPE Association Member identifying and providing three individual judges who will make up the evaluation board to screen submissions. The total submissions will be divided between each of the panelists, with the goal of each submission being evaluated by two different judges. The submissions which will be judged through a standard rubric and the top three submission averages for each category will be reviewed and judged by the entire panel of judges in a fresh final round of judging. The first round of judging will be completed by March 15th and the final judging will be completed by April 1st.
3. Announcement of winners will be completed by April 15th. All finalists will be notified by March 31st of their entrance into the final status. All winners will receive tickets to the final awards event for themselves and three guests. Transportation and housing stipends will be identified each year by the PACAPE board. Winners must be present at the Harrisburg event to qualify (NO exceptions). Award event will be held at a special Luncheon at the Capitol on May 4th following the EITC Birthday Rally. The goal of the Luncheon will be to have legislators, sponsors, PACAPE officials, Association officials, award finalists, and other guests. Evaluation Criteria The committee will consider the following when evaluating nominations for the Awards Celebration: • Individual models integrity, fairness, compassion, and resiliency • Nominee believes in the value of a private education and has committed themselves to its advancement in significant ways. • Individual or group has a passion for education and the community served • Values innovation and creativity • Instills leadership by example and promotes giving back to the community • Awards to be committed to excellence, broad private school community representation, and broad diverse evaluation protocols to assure inclusion and quality. EDUCATION AWARDS NOMINATION CATEGORIES PACAPE Honor Teacher Awards These educators are leaders who, in the eyes of the community, model outstanding service to the students and school. They are passionate and committed to engaging and developing each student with whom they are entrusted. PACAPE will recognize three teachers this year – an early educator (3 yrs. – K), a primary (1st – 8th), and a secondary (9th – 12th) educator. PACAPE Honor Administrator Awards These administrators are leaders who, in the eyes of the community, model outstanding educational leadership to the teachers, school and communities that they serve. They are passionate and committed to engaging and developing their staff and schools with whom they are entrusted. PACAPE will recognize three administrators this year – an early education administrator (3 yrs. – K), a primary school administrator (1st – 8th) and a secondary (9th – 12th) administrator. PACAPE Story Awards The heart of education is in the stories that emerge from the day-to-day work that takes place in a school and the extra effort shown by the people in our school communities. PACAPE has established a "story award" category to highlight the work, outcomes, and struggles that take place along the way.

PACAPE Non-Public School Educator Recognition Program Scholarship Opportunities Distinctions ● Support Pennsylvania’s only state-wide recognition event for private education ● Reach hundreds of private schools in the state representing over 80% of private schools in PA. ● Reach thousands of educators teaching hundreds of thousands of students EVENT SPONSOR (One Available) $1000 ● Welcome all guests and introduce award categories ● Company logo and recognition on signage at event ● Logo presence on sponsor page of event program ● Full page ad in event program ● Eight complimentary tickets to the event KEYSTONE SPONSOR (Two Available) $750 ● Present Administrators and Teachers with Awards ● Company logo and recognition on signage at event ● Logo presence on sponsor page of event program ● Half page ad in event program ● Five complimentary tickets to the event COMMONWEALTH SPONSORS (Three Available) $500 ● Company logo and recognition on signage at event ● Logo presence on sponsor page of event program ● Half page ad in event program ● Two complimentary tickets to the event Capitol SPONSORS (Five Available) $250 ● Company logo and recognition on signage at event ● Logo presence on sponsor page of event program ● Quarter page ad in event program ● Two complimentary tickets to the event   Application Process to be completed on Survey Monkey: The PACAPE Awards Celebration is an opportunity for all private schools (who are members of PACAPE Associations) in the state to share the remarkable stories about the excellence displayed by the teachers and administrators connected with their schools. Individuals recognized at the awards celebration will exemplify the strengths, integrity and leadership of our schools, the support and commitment of the community, and the many notable outcomes of our efforts to deliver and improve Private School Education in PA. Nominations may be made by students, staff, board members, parents, school leaders, and all members of the community. Final Awards will have to be confirmed by a chief school administrator, board president, or school district official. All nominations will be entered in a drawing to win a $250 scholarship for a student in need at the school represented by the nominee. THE FINAL DAY TO SUBMIT A NOMINATION is the last day of February. Please complete all requested information. 1. Your Full Name 2. Your Complete Address and Contact Information (including phone and email) 3. Category for Nomination (select one) 4. Nominee's Full Name 5. Nominee's School or Organization Information 6. Nominee's Phone Number and Email Address, if known 7. Years of Service: Years in Education: Years in Present School 8. Grades Served, if applicable 9. Nomination Narrative: In 100 to 300 words, please state why this nominee should be considered. Please give detailed information about the unique, creative, and outstanding qualities this nominee has demonstrated. During the review process, PACAPE will remove all specific references to the nominee within this application to allow all nominees the fairest chance for consideration. (Awards Criteria: List each area) 10. School Administrator's Name 11. As the nominator, I understand that the contents of this application may be published on the PACAPE website and in various print and promotional materials related to the event. If the above nominee is selected for recognition at the Awards Celebration, I will cooperate with requests for photos, quotes, and other information necessary to support the delivery of this event. 12. Finalists will be asked the following additional questions: Academic Background: List college/university degrees and dates granted Awards or Achievements: List those received during your professional career Service: List service to civic, philanthropic, community, religious organizations Memberships: List memberships in professional and civic organizations Thank you for your nomination! PACAPE will send you an email notification with a list of all award finalists by March 31st. In the meantime, we kindly request that you refrain from calling or emailing the office for updates. We look forward to seeing you at the Awards Celebration in May at the Capitol in Harrisburg. Please visit the PACAPE web site for more details. You can make application at the following site: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NVBF9M5

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