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Simple Tuition Solutions

    Simple Tuition Solutions is a company that prides itself in the following principles:
• A less expensive solution
• Quick to address school and parent issues
• Being customer friendly
• Works with special case scenarios to assure families can get accurate assessments
Simple Tuition Solutions prides itself on being able to solve all your issues, and since they are a local company they can address problems quicker. They were created acknowledging the EITC and OSTC law with close ties to the PA General Assembly. They will strive to meet a 100% family qualifying rate for the EITC and OSTC programs. They provide custom dash boards and easy access to streamline the process.

Look at their flyer Simple Tuition Information
Please contact Rick Miller if you have questions or would like to learn more:
Rick Miller
717.559.7611 x101
Cell: 717.926.1555

*Simple Tuition Website

Threat Extinguisher Security Equipment

    When the Threat Extinguisher canister is removed from its communication base a 108 decibel alarm alerts those nearby of a threat while simultaneously alerting, via texts and emails, designated staff, including resource officers and on site security. Safety protocols can immediately be put into action.
The automated communication system immediately notifies first responders, communicating the exact location of the threat, facilitating faster response times.
Threat Extinguisher now provides a canister of tactical grade pepper spray that can be used as a last resort to disable the assailant.
2x stronger than law enforcement grade pepper spray
5,000,000 on the Scoville Scale
Fires up to 20 feet

*Threat Extinguisher Website

Sponsoring Organizations

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