Paul I Clymer - School Choice Champion

Saturday, February 1, 2014 House Representative Paul I. Clymer was awarded the PA School Choice Champion by PA Cape members. There is an ever growing understanding within the Private School movement that engaging the culture around us is more critical than ever in enabling our schools to succeed. As a part of recognizing that importance, over the last several years many PA schools and school associations have become more intentional about working together to be a part of building relationships and engagement with those in our communities and in government. PA CAPE (the PA affiliate of the Council on American Private Education) has been instrumental in that process. There has been some significant success in broadening those around us in the Commonwealth to the incredibly important and significant work that our schools and preschools are accomplishing. This is important work and yet one that requires discipline, sacrifice and attention. As a part of this work the leadership of PACAPE is working to be more intentional about bringing opportunities for each school and leader to be able to respond to things that benefit their work, but also allow them to contribute to the larger effort to advance private education in the Commonwealth. This newsletter is a part of that attempt. D. Merle Skinner, Co-Coordinator PACAPE Coordinator ACSIPA Sean McAleer, Co-Coordinator PACAPE PA Catholic Conference